Monday, April 29, 2002

Well, i don't really know how this works. Zoe told me that she was doing it and i remember Suzanna Cohen telling me about something like it and it seems kinda interesting. I wonder if i will be consistent in using it. So... i guess that since i am here i might as well talk about what has been on my mind for the past like week, or especially the past two days. Last night i was at Lisa's with anna, annie, katie, emy, and joni. It was a lot of fun because i love them and because i got picked up by anna when nick was there so i still had a lot of him kinda left on me. he asked me out. i was really excited. i am kinda glad that i made that rule up about not dating this year. it makes me so aware of what i really have with him and what it would take for me to make this exception. katie and max hooked up at zoe's. they were on her bed. i am happy for katie, she really needed this, but at the same time i feel horrible because max really led annie on and it just isn't fair to her. he is so conceited sometimes.
zoe is really upset with nick about this whole thing. i mean, in all fairness to her, i would feel very similar but she is making it so hard because she NEVER tells people what she is thinking. very frustrating. and there is nothing that i can do about it. it sucks because i feel like i should help him, being his girlfriend at all. oh well, he seems to think that i am worth it. i like his friend drew a lot too. lisa loves him. nick invited me to go to his beach house with him this coming weekend. mom and dad said no because i am going to martha's vineyard with bradley memorial day weekend with the boys.
emy and bradley are hooking up a lot. she is so confused and is leading him on so badly at the same time. it is a shame.
wilie was here most of saturday afternoon helping me decorate my room and to just calm my nerves about nick. i was so afraid that he and zoe would kind of team up against me. boy was i wrong. she pretended to be asleep after willie left and we were in my basement. nick is so wonderful.